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Ragunda is a place for living, visiting and sightseeing in unique landscapes. At our info-points around the municipality we offer help with all your questions about Ragunda.

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The municipality of Ragunda was founded in 1974 through a unification of the municipalities of Fors, Ragunda and Stugun. Our head offices are in Hammarstrand with a population of approximately 1100. We have three bigger community’s and the other two are Bispgården with 750 inhabitants and Stugun with 600 inhabitants. In totalt we´re about 5.400 people living in Ragunda

In the municipality of Ragunda we have a tradition of self-employment. There are also some bigger businesses within e.g. the manufacturing industry and insurance showing great promise and we are in the top among the municipalities concerning the amount of newly started businesses. Ragunda municipality is also och big employer with openings in the education, healthcare and services.

The municipality of Ragunda has a unique geographical position. In one hour, you can be in one of five cities; Östersund, Sollefteå, Härnösand, Kramfors and Sundsvall. This gives you an opportunity to take part in the city-life but live in the countryside. With five cities so close there is a large customer base around the corner which makes Ragunda a good place for business.

Our urban and rural areas


Hammarstrand is the regional centre of Ragunda with the local government and a business centre. All urban areas in the municipality of Ragunda have a lot of available apartments and houses.

After the creation of the Dead falls and the emptying of the Ragundasjön (the lake of Ragunda) there was a possibility of building on the bottom of the lake – and on this bottom Hammarstrand was built.


The spirit of enterprise is high in Stugun and it’s a very active community. The name is given after a cottage, ‘själastuga’ (shelter), built in the Ragunda forest by the bishop of Uppsala during the end of the 13th century, to shelter the pilgrims heading to Nidaros (Trondheim).


Bispgården is one of the industrial areas concerning in Jämtland with more than 300 job opportunities. Here you can find businesses that are famous in the whole world. Nearby Bispgården you can find the Thai pavilion (Utanede) and the unique Dead falls.

Our rural areas

In our rural areas, entrepreneurship is dominated by the green industries, as well as entrepreneurs in construction, manufacturing, food production and nature and cultural tourism.

Trade, industry, work and buisness

Our basic industries are within the areas like e.g. wood, agriculture engineering industry, assurance-companies, water and wind energy. In the municipality there are nine power stations all together producing approximately 10% of Sweden’s waterproduced electricity. In Ragunda we only offer renewable energy from water and wind.

There are approximately 500 companies that covers many different fields in Ragunda.

We have a culture of industry beyond the ordinary. Bispgården is one of Jämtland’s strongest urban areas concerning industry.

There are world-known companies like ZEPRO, Z-lyften produktion AB, Kjellbergs Plast AB awarded with a price for design “Excellent Swedish form” and Fors Industrier AB with a unique granulation machine and its new product: “Attach”.

In Stugun the export company SCA wood is stationed and in Hammarstrand the expanding electronics company Hamlet AB has settled. Within the growing insurance company Moderna and personnel management company HeMa-lön in Hammarstrand. We also have PN Hunting and Stööks footwear, which is a leader in e-commerce in our region.

The municipality of Ragunda welcomes new entrepreneurs who can develop their businesses ideas within the municipality.

In the public sector we have openings in our school system and in healthcare. The private sector is looking for workers with higher education or special skills.

Live close to nature

In the municipality of Ragunda there are houses available all over, you can live close to the urban areas or even closer to the nature. You can stay in an apartment in Hammarstrand, Bispgården or Stugun. There are private alternatives as well.

It does not matter where you choose to stay in the municipality, the nature is always close by. With an incredible nature Ragunda offers a scenario that can’t be described, it must be seen; forests, streams, mountains and valleys –this list could be long.

The municipality of Ragunda can help you find a living that makes you feel comfortable. The apartments owned by the municipality you can reach through our customer service.


The municipality of Ragunda Housing Agency

Telephone: 0696-68 20 00

Schools in Ragunda

Nine-year compulsory schools up to the senior level is available in Hammarstrand and Stugun. Lower primary level and intermediate levels are found in Bispgården. On the upper secondary school-level the municipality of Ragunda offers the possibility to study four different programs; industry, electricity, technique and the individual program.

Adult education offers SFI (Swedish for immigrants), upper secondary schoollevel education for adults and special education based on the needs of the business community.

All adult education is a part of what we call LärCentrum. One of the fundamental ideas with our Lärcentra (education-centres) is to make it possible to study with the aid of distance learning. View Lärcentras homepage:

Lärcentrum Ragunda – Lärcentrum ( Länk till annan webbplats.


For all registered families we offer preschool. Preschool is for children from 1-5 years. Preschools are found in Stugun, Hammarstrand, Överammer and Bispgården. After-school recreation centre is offered to school-children from 6-12 years. For the moment there is no waiting period for preschool places in Ragunda.

What to do in your spare time

In the municipality of Ragunda there are plenty of recreational activities in both summer and winter. If you want to know more about reservations, opening hours etc. view; Ragunda­dalen Länk till annan webbplats.

  • Librarys in Bispgården, Stugun Hammarstrand and a smaller library in Borgvattnet.
  • Cinema in Hammarstrand
  • Public baths/outdoor swimming-pool. Public bath is available in Stugun and we have an outdoor swimming-pool in Hammarstrand.
  • Fishing. We offer a great variation of fishing. The fishing-grounds suites everyone. There are fishing-camps and courses in fly-fishing and how to create artificial flies. We have a total of 11 fishing-areas.
  • Gymnasiums in Stugun, Hammarstrand and Bispgården.
  • Ski-slopes: Hammarstrand: Kullstabacken, Stugun: Jannebacken, Bispgården: Forsbacken.
  • Illuminated ski/running tracks can be found in almost every village.
  • Riding-school/manege/trottingtrack in Ammer, 10 km west of Hammarstrand.

More information about activities and events can be found at:

Ragunda­dalen Länk till annan webbplats.

Unique tourist attractions

Ragunda is different. Here you find unique tourist attractions who gives you an unusual experience. Ragunda is the municipality that looks like many other municipalities on the surface, but it is truly different.

Different through all the year

The improbable building “the Thai pavilion” have given Ragunda a name on the map and placed on the top-10 Swedish tourist attractions. The pavilion together with the Döda Fallet – the place where the greatest natural disaster in ancient time, the total unique Skyttmon – “the wood castle’s village”, and the haunted vicarage in Borgvattnet, are some of the different phenomenon we offer.

Ragundadalen offers the most in its kind if you like winter activities. Cross country skiing and a downhill slope both for slalom and snowboard. The special lugetrack is open for the ones who likes speed and challenges. In Ragunda wilderness experiences is offered both in summer and winter. Lakes filled with fish, mere and streaming waters signifies the whole Ragundadalen through all the year combined with snowmobile in winter and hiking in the summer.

Ragunda­dalen Länk till annan webbplats.


Business and development unit

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Our region Jämtland Härjedalen

Corporate business is very strong in the region. It has ranked third in Sweden for three years in a row, it is growing steadily and female entrepreneurship is highest in the country. If you look at the growth in the number of companies in the northern counties of Sweden, the companies in Jämtland Härjedalen have grown fastest.

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